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          • Auditorium chairSofa cushions
          • Film chairHigh density molded sponge
          • Classroom chairImported cold-binding steel plate material
          • Desks and chairsSelect material according to quality requirement
          • Airport chairMulti-material customization

          Auditorium chair

          Suitable for auditorium, theatre, hall, lecture hall, etc., meeting and performance should have good vision, seats should be easy to maintain and clean, comfortable to use, not easy to fatigue.

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          Film chair

          In addition to being widely used in the theater, theater chairs can also be used in government organs, enterprises and institutions, school halls, step classrooms, studios, office and other important occasions. The cinema chair ensures a good view of the movie and makes you comfortable and not tired.

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          Classroom chair

          The specifications of the step classroom can be determined according to the site and the use situation, the paper board or the simultaneous translation equipment and voting and speech equipment can be added to place the documents and the back-mounted table for recording, which is widely used in the large step classroom and the lecture hall.

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          Desks and chairs

          Desk and chair can adjust height not only, still have kind of desk and chair of type of connective type, by the desk of adjustable height, desk and chair and the connective board of adjustable interval compose.

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          Airport chair

          According to the style classification: back-backed airport chair, high-backed airport chair, low-backed airport chair, single-seat airport chair, multi-person airport chair, plus armrest airport chair, no armrest airport chair, with (PU/ wood) cushion airport chair, etc.

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          About HONG TAO

          ABOUT US

          Hong Kong hongtao furniture manufacturing co., LTD., is a public chair production enterprise, has the auditorium chair, the cinema chair, the small space chair, the waiting chair, the desk chair five series products. Hongtao furniture production base is located in guangdong and shunde, reputed as the capital of furniture production in China. Companies adhere to the "excellent quality, the city management" concept, according to the principles of market segmentation, integration of product resources, relying on the powerful research and development, production of enterprises, as well as the strict requirements for quality, promotes the concise and practical aesthetics focused on the development of modern space requirements, create more objects that products meet the market requirements; With unremitting efforts, hongtao chairs have developed into two powerful and powerful operating systems for production and sales.

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